Thank you for attending our first Controlling Your Offer Symposium, and thanks to our fabulous guest speakers and airline presenters for sharing your insights. It was a jam-packed day of learning what it truly means to be the single source of truth and how to control your offer.

In today’s world of digital commerce and personalization, the airline’s biggest asset is its offer. The ability to create, optimize and deliver offers dynamically in real time – as the “single source of truth” for all channels – is the new airline oxygen! The impact of NDC, new off-PSS offer engines, and predictive revenue management using big data/AI has ushered in a new wave of change and opportunity in the airline industry. Are you ready?

Farelogix is hosting the industry’s first event dedicated to technology for airline-controlled offers. This invite-only Controlling Your Offer Symposium is custom-tailored for airline IT, revenue management and e-commerce executives seeking to explore strategies and new technologies to dynamically manage all aspects of airline offer, from pricing and merchandising to optimized availability and schedule-building.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from industry and product experts, hear real-life case studies, and see live demonstrations that take NDC, dynamic pricing, revenue management and merchandising to the next level!

Why Attend?

The Offer Symposium is the only industry event dedicated exclusively to technologies and strategies for airline-controlled offers.

  • Hear from industry experts on how the new world of NDC and “Active Distribution” is transforming pricing and revenue management and driving adoption of new technologies.
  • Engage in stimulating, thought-provoking networking opportunities with your peers and Farelogix executives, product, and technical experts.
  • Learn about real-life case studies of airlines taking control using airline-hosted “offer engines” without taxing the PSS.
  • Take a technology deep dive into the industry’s only shopping & pricing engine designed for high volume, personalized, omni-channel NDC shopping.
  • Explore how Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Big Data is making it possible to achieve greater profitability per product, moving beyond history-based calculations.
  • Learn how to present optimal search results including dynamic, personalized offers inclusive of custom-tailored availability, schedules, pricing, and merchandising offers.
  • Spend one-on-one time with Farelogix product experts to challenge and discuss your specific objectives for controlling your offer and NDC.

Who Should Attend

Airline executives with senior level responsibility for


Revenue Management




NDC / Distribution

Registration for the Symposium is on an invitation only basis.


Wednesday April 5, 2017


Welcome Cocktail and Reception

Thursday April 6, 2017


Time to start thinking about your offer!
Breakfast and Networking



Redefining the Offer: The Airline as the Single Source of Truth
Jim Davidson, Chief Executive Officer, Farelogix


Activating the Offer: The Future of Distribution & Revenue Management
Henry Harteveldt, Principal, Atmosphere Research


The Science of the Offer: Dynamic Pricing is Here
Mike Wittman, International Center for Air Transportation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Influencing the Offer: Leveraging Big Data and Analytics
Scott Garner, President, Data & Analytics, Adara


Networking and Coffee Break



Architecting the Offer: Next Generation Engines for Pricing, Merchandising, Availability Calculation and Schedule Building
Tim Reiz, Chief Technology Officer, Farelogix


Demystifying the Offer (a.k.a. “How it Works”): Real-life Examples of Dynamic Pricing, Merchandising and Revenue Management in Action
See how offer engines deliver results for a range of case studies including: using bid prices for dynamic pricing of fares and ancillaries; optimizing schedules for the highest profitability; managing seat/ancillary inventory “off-PSS” for priced availability during shopping; dynamically pricing and packaging the upsell; large date range shopping with no limits and no look-to-book; dynamically creating fare families and bundles; and more!
Farelogix Technology and Product Experts




Welcome Back
Jim Davidson & the Farelogix Team


Offers in Action: Airlines Taking Control and Seeing Results

Hear real life stories of innovation and learn what happens when airlines take control and differentiate their offers!
Alyssa Heath – American Airlines
Bas’t Hooft – Air France-KLM
Bradley Turner, George Bryan – WestJet
Peter Harders – LBF Travel
Sanjay Nair – United



Wrap Up: Looking Ahead and Farelogix Future Product Roadmap
Jim Davidson and Farelogix Team